Two legends, and people we've admired for years, just got together for their debut collaboration.

Both NYC-based, it's funny to think this is the first time they work together - and I'm stoked Stereofox is the home of their creative child. Houis shares, "At the end of 2023 Jonny invited me over to his home studio in Brooklyn to record “Recenter”‘, got some tacos from downstairs, and basically knocked out most of the track in one night. I feel like Jonny has such a unique sound, especially through his guitar playing. He incorporates so many satisfying textures through his pedal board/effects, so adding my own elements to accompany the foundation he built was a lot of fun."

Metic calls "Recenter" "an introspective winter groove perfect for a quick mindful reset we all need from time to time" and it blends his beautifully hazy guitars and Houis' wonderful drum groove.

Stream/buy this beauty on your preferred platform here.

posted by Nasko
February 2024