The missing piece which connects the dots between Hong Kong and New York City is finally here in the form of Metic's shiny new Soul Feather EP! The guitar-driven nature of the release shows its strength perfectly on the title track.

Conveying feelings of liberation of the soul in a new setting, akin to the lightness of a feather, the main melody is bound to get stuck in your ear – uplifting, but with a pinch of melancholy. As a seamless blend between 90s boom-bap-feeling drums and emotional guitar solos, "Soul Feather" carries a uniquely fresh and upbeat feel. The occasional short-played samples in the background introduce variety in the arrangement while also diversifying the already colorful soundscape of the track.

“This endeavor marks my first release that doesn’t shy away from samples, and hopes to show how they augment my sound through manipulation and guitar work. The EP toys with the struggles of finding home and belonging and highlights a more upbeat corner of my catalog, compared to my previous focus on lo-fi and ambient sounds.”

Soul Feather is meant to be a gapless-play journey and aims to capture strong emotions behind a real-life travel adventure. That's why we at Stereofox Records alongside Metic are beyond excited to finally be able to share this meaningful release with you! Stream Soul Feather everywhere now! · Metic - Soul Feather EP
posted by Chris
April 2021