The original track “Better Than Ever” is indie-pop jam by the Danish band, Miabelle. The funky baseline and high-pitched, pop-y vocals really make it a super catchy track, so if that sounds like your thing, give it a listen here. 

Fellow Danish producer and DJ Ninyy’s rework of the track transforms it into a progressive electronic track that has such a magical soundscape. Starting off with beat-defining keys and peppered with oscillating and glitchy textures throughout the track, “Better Than Ever” really gets a whole new meaning.

The song has an almost tribal feel to it, as the added effects give the vocals a chant-like sound. Percussion is also on point here and the natural, woodsy sound blends in the track and creates a tropical house sound. It is incredibly catchy and perfectly appropriate for a summer rooftop cocktail party - just the right amount of electronica paired with the perfect dose of pop. 

posted by Lora
April 2021