Michael FK is the kind of artist that has a long reputation for creating experiences that send the listener into a cozy, calm space - and "Duende" is a beautiful example of this sentiment.

Under the name Michael FK, the Moldovian producer blends ambient, chillout, and electronic music that's adorned with lush soundscapes. In "Duende" however, we see FK borrowing from Trip Hop with the inclusion of these punchy drums that'll have you nodding gently. It's the lush guitars that are coated in reverb that and emphasize the track's dreamy allure.

"I discovered hiking, and it turned my idea of inspiration upside down. I don’t even think that nature can inspire so much and change my vision and me as a person. This song about this … and this song was created after last hike "Tour du Mont Blanc"."

posted by Lu
November 2022