An exploration of musical synergy and creative expression.

Get ready to vibe with the lush tunes of singer/songwriter MiicSoul, a rising star in the world of r&b and hip-hop. His latest drop "Ease My Stress" is a collaboration featuring the LA-based artist & multi-instrumentalist Seb Zillner, and L.Dre - producer & a true master on the MPC machine.

Together, these three gents have cooked something special, blending hip-hop beats, slick bars, and soothing melodies.

With MiicSoul's laid-back flow, smooth vocals, and captivating lyricism, paired with Seb Zillner's playful flute, and L.Dre's skillful production and head-nodding beats, the song is a perfect remedy for those stressful days, so don't waste more time and dive into the chilled-out beats and let the music wash away your worries.

posted by Boris
November 2023