I've longed for some lush electronica for some time now! The salvation comes in a soundwave crafted by two amazing producers - Mild Minds and Frameworks, both familiar faces here on the Fox. I love his Tycho remix from earlier this year, so if you've missed that here's your chance to have an awesome day ahead.

Before that, however, make sure you deeply submerge into the gentle electronica crafted by the 2 artists. "NO SKINS" draws inspiration from quite a few organic electronic genres including ambient and progressive house.

Released via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective label,

"Lyrically, "NO SKIN" is about always being on the run and having no skin in the game. I knew a person in my life that I met who always moved from town to town, from one friend group to another, constantly making mistakes and then up and leaving with no ties to her old self. Kind of like 'nobody can hurt you, because you’re always leaving them'; there's something tender and sad about that.", shares Mild Minds.

Changin' faces
Tradin' places
A choice that breaks us
All for nothing
Leave no traces
Keep on runnin'

posted by Ivo
August 2021