Today we're closing the Appreciation of Now cycle. After the 2 previous singles "The Beauty To Be" and "Cabrio", the full 4-track EP is now live everywhere (stream here).

Most of my mornings start with relatively zen music, because finding a balance and knowing that the day is probably going to look exactly like yesterday has been tough. Luckily EP's opening track "Meditations" is the vibe I seek most of the time. So is the title. The whole track sounds very mystic and somewhat South-East Asia inspired, with all the chants, tribal feels and echoing vocals. Hope you like it!

Here's what Marc had to share about the release.

“The Appreciation Of Now is about exactly that. I always like to connect my music with rather philosophical topics. Life happens only in this very moment. The past is only memory and nonexistent. The same is true for the future. It‘s only a blurred vision. The only reality is in the very moment. Life happens only now. Showing gratitude for that, by recognizing this and living in the very present is what this release is about. The listener is invited to take a step back, zoom out and just take a listen in this exact moment. Every track in this EP is different, yet connected by subtle details.”

posted by Ivo
March 2021