Hi all, hope you are having a great week so far! I am super happy that we can finally share the news around one of the best downtempo, electronica producers out there right now – Misc.Inc.

I am saying this not because we had the absolute pleasure to be involved in this project, but because I truly mean it! Misc.Inc’s sound has evolved into something bigger, what we wouldn’t put in a genre capsule.

Welcome to the first chapter of the new Misc.Inc conceptual music journey. Seeing.Venus is the first track of many to come. The new concept of the Berlin-based artist, music producer, and sound designer covers topics such as transition, dynamics & movement. To never get stuck. To simply open.your.mind.

"Journey; the best way to describe this song. I started Misc.Inc to have a place for music outside the usual genres. To combine and create sounds that inspire me. To have a place I can call home and give insights into my understanding of the world through music. With Seeing.Venus I want to make a big step in that direction. Of breaking free from Genre boundaries, of establishing the notion of Misc.Inc being more than just lofi beats. I want to create a voice for myself and be more than just another guy we listen to when he gets on our playlist, but rather a whole artistic story we can follow and be a part of it. Creating stories and feelings for the person between the shells of their headphones. That is my goal."


Chilled guitars, different beat approach, combined with the spacy vibe the songs gives you is the notion of Marc being more than just lofi beat maker, it's about the stories and feelings that he creates.

P.S. – Part of the Stereofox team was also involved behind the concept & the realization for the official video for “Seeing.Venus”. Watch it below and definitely give it a spin on your preferred streaming platforms here.

To be continued…

posted by Boris
March 2022