This is a long overdue mix and if you've been with us for more than a year or so you may remember that before starting to put together Songs To Chill To and Songs To Groove To mix series, we were doing playlists (a bunch of them actually).

I've always loved what the guys at Soulection are doing and their shows are source of many tracks featured on the website, so that's how it all started actually. Also, probably one of the reasons I got into future beats and baile funk in the first place.

The Beats Of Tomorrow mix series brings together future beats, baile funk, trap, r&b and anything in between. The kind of tracks you could easily enjoy at home (as long as the bass is on) or out with friends. Basically music to vibe to.

This is inspired by that playlist series which I started back in 2015 and I hope you guys enjoy the bass-heavy track selected for the first volume. Some seriously talented producers!


01. La Soülchyld - "Mali"
02. Skater- "Cyprus"
03. Sansai - "Apressada"
04. WIZE - "know you"
05. metsä x olmos - "Tolerance"