Ever since I heard Daily Bread's Stereofox mini mix opening track I was obsessed with it. I think it took me a few days before actually moving on to properly listening the mix (which is great btw). Later on I went on researching who was the person behind that beautiful Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless mind beat and discovered the colourful world of mtbrd.

The UK producer is one of those artists who lead the revival of vintage track samples and incorporating them with today's beat/production vision and is someone whose music I really enjoyed over the past few months. Really excited to have him onboard with our mini mix series and I hope you guys enjoy the full mtbrd interview (read here).


1. Vanilla - Travels
2. AJMW - Peace and?
3. Suff Daddy - Charlie Parker
4. Joey Pecoraro - Tired Boy
5. Paisley - Yozakura
6. Juj - Juggalo Gigolos
7. Cabu - Good Evening
8. Galax - Leaving It All Behind