Gotta love the weekends and all the freedom they bring, whether you want to be outside doing stuff or just hide from the world and chill. The perfect time to put together this mix.

I went back in time and dug out some favourite classics for the intro of this Songs To Chill To although things pick up pretty quick and it ended up quite the diverse selection of songs. I don't have much to share with you right now, it's just wonderful bunch of producers who I love.

I hope you guys enjoy this and it makes your day a little bit better.

The Songs To Chill To mix is a small collection of electronic, ambient, chillhop and jazzhop sounds perfect for when... you just can't be bothered to do anything.


01. j. roosevelt - "float"
02. Shigeto - "R Life" ft. Brandon Mitchell & Carlos Garcia
03. Stan Forebee - "Look Back"
04. machinedrum - "Infinite Us" (Ian Ewing & Flamingosis Flip)
05. Handbook - "More"
06. Vanilla - "Arrow"