The first time I was thrust into the world of American indie darling Miya Folick was through her brazen single "I Got Drunk". However I must say "Mommy" shows us quite a different side of her work.

Firstly, her new single beautifully blends indie and R&B to the point where the lines between the two are tastefully blurred. The drums are beefy and carry a pleasant bounce, and this is juxtaposed by her velvet-smooth vocal delivery. Secondly, the vulnerability expressed through her song writing is compelling on here. After listening to this I feel like I know her beyond just an artist.

“Mommy is maybe the most intimate song on my record. It’s about heritage, memory and family. I think there’s an ache in the song that exposes the gap between my limited understanding of my parents and the full richness of their lives."

posted by Lu
March 2023