Multifaceted musicans simply don’t get better than Toronto’s Dominic “Mocky” Salole, who just  released his new album Key Change.

Mocky has always been an adventurous artist, exploring a range of music from electronic,  jazz, pop and his new work continues on that path.

His recent single "Living In The Snow" is an ode to the cold of Canada which he wrote in sunny LA during a bout of nostalgia.

"The song is about trusting your instincts over your rational mind, which is the act of music making," Mocky told The FADER. "The clash between human and machine in 2015 is becoming more and more acute. So instinct becomes a more valuable commodity."

Whilst you’re enjoying this, why not check out the previously released album cuts "Tomorrow Maker" and "Time Inflation (Message To R2)".

Key Change is out now on Heavy Sheet.

posted by Colin
July 2015