Another band that I wanted to check out since their debut record came out in 2012 but I never found enough time to do is Modern Baseball! I should have given them a chance at least because of the awesome name, but you know what they say - better late than never.

Modern Baseball's debut record called Sports is just brilliant. It's everything a sucker for 90s midwest emo, quality pop punk and garage rock could hope for. And even then you would be surprised. "Re-Do" is the album opener and it deserves to be, it shows everything you should expect from Modern Baseball - the music, the lyrics, the atmosphere. I know it's a cliche but you can recognize the creativity behind their music and the desire for something more than just a song, while listening to these guys.

Of course you can tell that Modern Baseball is a young band, but seriously - not a single filler on that record. I just can't wait for their first video, which of course I will share immediately! Until then - get stoked on Sports!

posted by Staff
May 2013