If you still haven’t had the chance to check out famed Scots post-rockers Mogwai's latest release, Rave Tapes, drop everything (unless you are holding an infant) and make haste!

“Remurdered” caught my attention from the very start. This song wonderfully keeps getting better and better till the end. And then even more so with every other listen. One feeling it gives is of progressing through a sonic maze based around synthetic textures.

Beware the arpeggiated synth hook. Bass-heavy musical territory is just around the corner.

If we take this song as a simile of a futuristic, TRON-like journey, that hook is where MOGWAI really accelerate their Light Runners to mind-boggling speed, leaving you with cyberdust and a gaping mouth. Unless, of course, you’re as ready as they are. In which case, you will undoubtedly see them tipping their helmets to holograms of Wendy Carlos, Blade-Runner-era Vangelis, krautrock legends NEU! and Kraftwerk, among others.

So, buckle up and join the ride?

posted by Staff
August 2014