South London producer Mom Tudie returns today with his new single featuring UK artist Sidders. A warm, soulful tune, embracing influence from hip-hop, r&b and jazz - "Better Days" brims with positivity, with a powerful message of hope and unity.

Soft keys and buoyant brass passages marry up beautifully with the track's jazz flecked rhythm section, with singer/rapper Sidders giving a charming vocal performance; lyrically concise, thought-provoking and sharp-witted all at once. Speaking on the track, Sidders said:

 “Better Days” was written in a time and place of uncertainty with Covid / BLM and the message was to spread love and something positive. It's an open letter trying to slow down the anxieties we have, even to show there's more than what we feel on our own. Everyones in this together.

The track will undoubtedly raise your spirits and make you smile for the rest of the day.

posted by Nora
August 2021