December's a time to look back & reflect on the past year.

The amazing UK artists Mondo Loops & bashful got together to craft the soundtrack for those nostalgic times - "Time Passed By"(their first collab and coincidently - a 2nd Stereofox release for each of them). And you'll hear for yourself, the sonic picture is perfect for reminiscing - with utterly gentle guitars, warm piano, and soft beats.

As bashful shares, “This track was made with Mondo Loops over Discord. This year has gone by so fast, and so we wanted to capture the melancholic feeling of fleeting moments and time passing. Mondo had sent me the main guitar, to which I added drums, percussion, keys and more. We passed the stems back and forth before it was finished. I think the track has a lot of emotion, and I love how soft it is!”

And Mondo adds, “The goal for this track was really to record the soft dreamy guitar tones that I love playing, and give them a more bright upbeat feel. Layering bright keys with the upbeat drum groove and the soft guitar ended up working so perfectly and melting together.”

Brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee and look through the window while playing this in the background. Find it on all DSPs here.

posted by Nasko
December 2022