The rain is falling on the blossoming trees and it's so fresh, beautiful, and a little melancholic.

I'm so stoked to finally present you the full Late Night Tapes EP by Mondo Loops. It marks a new sonic era for the English producer & guitarist, taking a more cinematic & slightly darker turn. The 4-track project is rich in foley sounds, vintage piano, heart-melting guitars, and dusty beats – all of which tell stories of late nights in spring.

This project seeks to take a darker and more cinematic approach to lofi hip hop. It blends the imperfections and character of old pianos, guitar and foley sounds together in a cohesive project. This EP really starts to capture a change in direction for my sound into the more cinematic realm and I’m excited to share it with my listeners.

I picked the song with our dear Axian, as it opens up the EP with a hint of nostalgia for the childhood days, with warm beats and children's laughter.

I highly encourage you to check the full project below and save it on your preferred platform here. · Mondo Loops - Late Night Tapes EP
posted by Nasko
April 2022