Lovely to see Moods in his chill form again.

Taking instrumental hip hop to another level, in "Talk About It" there's a gorgeous guitar & synth groove, as well as catchy drum rhythm. And the brass that comes mid-track is just... whoa! (reminds me of DAYO a bit). Nick (Moods) elaborates:

Working with a live band just feels a lot more collaborative than anything I have ever really done before. The challenge was to have this record still sound like Moods whilst keeping it live. Some elements of that were easier than others. Picking singles was a struggle, as I see the LP as a journey piece, but there was something about ‘Talk About It’ that really spoke to me in the end.

This is the first single off his upcoming, second LP, out via Boogie Angst. Enjoy the VHS documentary-styled music video:

posted by Nasko
August 2021