If you like the warm, yet psychedelic sound of acts like Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, or Parcels, then this feature is going to feel like home.

Meet Moon Blue - a project started by George Appleton during that harsh Lockdown winter we all remember. The moniker was George's was to cope with the sudden switch from a 5-year old relationship to living alone during some of our generation's most lonesome months and while there's this feeling of warmth in his music, you can quickly pick the melancholia and nostalgia engraved in most of his music, "Midnight in Rome" included.

What I loved about the track (besides his vocals) was the perfect combination of 80s synths with minimal, yet bouncy drumming. When it comes to creating the song, George elaborates, "Written one night from my apartment in Rome. I was feeling sentimental and thinking of all the people that have helped ground me in times of uncertainty / anxiety. My intention was to try and put the feelings through a real pop lens, kind of as if The Bee Gees and Mac Demarco had a baby."

posted by Ivo
last month