Moonchild and Kiefer. I mean, do I need to express the amount of happiness and joy pouring out of my mind right now? 2 artists I absolutely love! Also, a new version of "What You Wanted"? Yes!

The prolific pianist and producer takes their Starfruit (2022) single and puts his own touches on the track, swirling a sound that touches on electronic, with a beat tougher than the original, to drive it into a new jazz realm.

Get ready for some playful vibes sprinkled on top of the sensual original.

When it comes to putting together the remix, Kiefer shares, "Moonchild are one of my favorite groups. Their sound is so unique and that’s something that I admire and strive for myself. When I play piano, I want to play like myself.

Also, we recently recorded a podcast episode / interview with the LA trio, check it out here.

posted by Ivo
May 2022