Happy 2023 everyone! First post for me for the year and I think it's just the right one.

I have a special place in my heart for honey vocals and "Revival Song" hits just the right spot. There's something really unique in German singer MOREA's voice - it's on the fine line between fragile & powerful, between melancholy & hopefulness. Certainly just became one of my new favourite singers, that's for sure.

She shares, "With the release of my debut EP, Revival, the track titled, "Revival Song" is the encapsulation of the many emotions layered throughout the entirety of the album - the feeling of rebirth, of taking control again, of taking flight."

A song you need to close your eyes on and let MOREA carry you through her story. Then, after the first listen, come back and enjoy the peculiar vintage music video accompanying this beauty - it's actually inspired by her parents' Bulgarian roots and includes a Kuker, a traditional costume to scare away the evil spirits:

posted by Nasko
January 2023