Production aficionado Morillo explores a variety of textures and moods in his lush soundscape “Blinding Light.” The track sounds like what you’d expect from a track with such a title. 

It’s like waking up to the beaming sunshine, still in a daze from your slumber. Almost like the gradual progression of a morning, this track develops with each second, transforming into an energizing and gleaming track.

The piece begins with mythical flutes and gradually layers on after the soft beat drop with warm percussion, a dynamic beat and spatial elements. You can hear bird sounds, oscillating synths and a rusty-sounding sax. Here and there, you’ll hear a glimpse of a vocal sample with a tribal sound. 

It’s an ideal, luscious track for a festival in the woods - nothing between you, nature, and the music.

posted by Lora
March 2021