The Cosmic Game by Thievery Corparation is honestly one of my most beloved albums of all time... And diving into Morillo's latest album Changing Tides felt like a wave of nostalgia crashing over me by virtue of the Dub and Eastern influences adorned throughout this project.

The 3rd track "Mr. B's" is among the brightest jewels found in Changing Tides, and it's how the bass dances alongside the flamboyant drums which grabbed my attention initially. However it's the overall dreamy aesthetic paired with the forthcoming brass that sparked the track to life to ephmasize the calming nature of the progression. The entire project feels like a journey across the globe in the comfort of your home, and if that's what you're looking for then Changing Tides is definitely worth exploring.

MORiLLO · Changing Tides LP [Out Now]
posted by Lu
January 2022