In the ever-evolving world of instrumental hip-hop, Cologne-based beatmaker and producer Mr. Käfer stands out as a true trailblazer. With his latest release "Resumption", Mr. Käfer invites us on a sonic journey inspired by his travels through Central America in search of fresh inspiration. Bouncy drums, mellow piano keys, spacious synthesizer sounds, and a female vocal sample creates a feel of ease and being untroubled.

The track marks the fourth installment from Mr. Käfer's upcoming Underneath EP. A collection best described as a fusion of instrumental hip-hop, jazz, and soulful melodies. Always pushing the boundaries of his introspective and nostalgic sound, Mr. Käfer effortlessly marries the classic essence of hip-hop with futuristic and spacious elements from other musical genres.

As the EP title suggests Underneath prompts listeners to delve deep into the origins of their habits, dreams, and aspirations. Mr. Käfer's beats not only provide a captivating backdrop but also encourage moments of profound introspection.

With "Resumption" he beckons us to explore new horizons and embrace the evolving landscape of our inner selves.

posted by Boris
October 2023