Thursday, July 6th, 2023 - In a harmonious union of talent and friendship, artists MrAnthony and Dani Catalá have come together to release their new collaborative track "liquid butter" via our Stereofox label.

Set to captivate listeners with its mesmerizing melodies and uplifting ambiance, this lo-fi beauty captures the essence of joy and hope. Drawing inspiration from the joy found in life's simple pleasures.

“This track was made in Dani’s studio and we were inspired by the softness of simple things like staring at the sky or being in nature." MrAnthony

“Music has always been a vehicle to meet people and make new friends, and this is not an exception. Lofi music is what we love, and what we love. We try to bring a little bit of peace into this anxious world with our grooves and chords.” Dani Catalá

At the core of "liquid butter" are MrAnthony’s expertly crafted guitar licks with Dani Catalá’s soothing piano jazz keys, accompanied by shimmering soundscapes.

"liquid butter" will take you on a mesmerizing sonic adventure, filling your day with the most positive and chilled-out vibes. Stream it now on your favorite streaming platform here.

posted by Boris
July 2023