Our first post after #BlackoutTuesday.

MSNGR's "Gotta Wake Up", produced by eeryskies, tells a story about the difference between reality and what's in our heads. He shares:

This track was inspired by the producer. He was having a tough week with school and posted this beat on YouTube, titled "Life Can Wait". I took that title and amplified throughout the song. Straight off the jump, the first lyrics "Life too fast/Just might crash/hold my drink/let it spill get slapped", makes this record a crash-course dream-state vibe, with fast delivery and an extreme topic. As it goes on, I talk about being on a "high" horse, recording in my garage, compare my self to one of the greatest rappers of all time, and I end the verse with an ultimatum, a "shot in the dark" reference. As the hook unfolds, I say "I gotta wake up/know my day is over when it's over", suggesting the verse is a dream, and I'm aware that I need to "wake up" and face reality. As the second verse opens up, I use an interweaving rhyme scheme that bounces off the drums with confidence. My favorite line of this song is "Deuce up as I leave/and its do some if you got problems/I'm true to what I believe/and your truth is who spit the line", which antagonizes the opposition to take action on their feelings about me, also calling them out for only believing what they hear from their favorite influencers.

Much like him, it's really important to wake up and speak up.

posted by Nasko
June 2020