This is a perspective on 2020's lockdown I didn't know I needed.

Canadian producer Murge teamed up with singer Sierra Lundy for a second time for this beautiful sonic story - "Alone Together". She elaborates on the meaning:

I mean, the lyrics have covid written all over them. The first few months were riddled with anxiety — and because of the lockdown, it felt like my whole world was trapped in my chest, swelling with every breath. The song came from a state of mind crippled by a fear that didn’t belong to me but was assigned to me. I couldn’t shake it. A fear of something that I wasn’t actually experiencing, but that my entire life had been affected by. Everyone’s lives had been affected by it... but there was also something comforting in that. Being alone, locked in this fear mentally and physically, was only manageable for me in knowing that everybody was going through the same thing. It’s a collective struggle, and even though each person has a different relationship to the crisis, we can all be empathetic and compassionate towards each other.  The verse reflects a scene that I’m sure has played over and over in different houses all over the globe. It describes a specific emptiness marked by this strange, new era.

"Alone Together" is Loci Records' latest release and comes with an edit and instrumental version:

Loci Records · Murge (feat. Sierra Lundy) - Alone Together
posted by Nasko
October 2020