When it comes to owning the dancefloor with spacious and electronica-driven beats, Canadian music producer and DJ Murge is absolutely unstoppable.

Excited to share with you his newest single "Virtue", released yesterday via Loci Records.

Murge draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres, including Cosmic disco, psychedelic jazz, Latin rhythms, and world-inspired music. You can quickly pick on that from the compounded world of "Virtue". The song is both empowering and feel-good, and it will quickly let you in on this magical electronic world crafted by Murge. Absolutely hypnotizing.

Joshua shares, "With an off the cuff Detroit influenced vibe, inspired by 90s pioneers like Theo Parrish and Andrés, Virtue is an ode to my old hip hop roots and cut and paste aesthetic, stemming from when I used to chop up drum beats and samples to create these polyrhythmic percussive patterns and melodic elements, all just pulled from random source material. "Virtue" is a nod to the UK breakbeat scene and my former hip-hop production roots; immersive rhythms and stretched vocals meet at dancefloor centric tempos."

posted by Ivo
January 2023