This next one is quite the blend! If you fall anywhere between the following - a jazzhead, a synth addict, a J Dilla fan or a future beats lover, you are home! "LIFTED" is all of that and even more. Yep, I sense a bit of baile funk grooves here and there. Pure gold!

I have to say - I had never heard of MXXWLL's before this submission, but damn I was mind-blown. The dude basically puts together all my favourite genres and his recent release Beats Vol. 1 is a must-hear for anyone priding themselves as a music lover.  And get this - that's his debut.

 So, who's MXXWLL. The Aussie producer has been around for about 2 years or so and from what I can see some of his previous remix work has made quite far around the Internet. I took a few days before finishing this write-up, so I had a chance to listen to his full release properly and the quality of his production work is just flawless. Absolutely versatile producer and someone who seems to be as comfortable playing Daft Punk chords as upping that bass and shaking things up.

If you want to dig deeper into Beats Vol. 1, I've embedded the full release below.

posted by Ivo
September 2017