If you want to be taken onto a spacey voyage, hit play and close your eyes while you're immersed in Mystic DA Kid's latest release with Nolan Valero "to ponder".

New York-born musician/producer Mystic DA Kid got his start in 2017 on SoundCloud releasing trap beats to the platform. Fast-forward years later, his sound has evolved to not only include electronic influences, but his style is also brimming with a sense of musicality, and "to ponder" is a great example. Just before the first minute, we're greeted with these elegant pianos that superbly complement the bass riff and the bounce of the drums. The track really comes to life towards the end when the strings slip into the mix just behind a fabulous synth lead solo! This is actually very reminiscent of Mr. Carmack's early work.

This song started as a work-in-progress project I made while visiting my old middle school. I remember sending it to Nolan about a month after I made it and he sent back that jazzy piano and soulful lead a few days later.

posted by Lu
December 2023