This Friday, there are several stellar albums released that shouldn't go over your head, and Blue Lab Beats' Blue Eclipse is definitely one of them.

By now, this genre-bending production duo from London are regulars on the Stereofox feed. Since we interviewed them back in 2020, they've ascended to new heights and even scored a Grammy in 2022. The pair aim to go beyond their comfort zone once more with Blue Eclipse, and the track "Sunset in LA" with Grifton Forbes-Amos beautifully captures the allure of the West Coast while offering their signature sound. The drums are bouncy, the guitar arrangements are funky, and most importantly, the colorful leads are glossy to nail that West Coast G-Funk feel. I also can't neglect to mention the soulful touch the brass arrangements provide to "Sunset in LA" towards the closing moments!

posted by Lu
last month