The hook to “10 & 2”  came to NanaBcool during a walk in Amsterdam. During his trip to Europe, the Ghanian-American rapper, singer and dancer said that he still witnessed racism, but not to the brutal extent of racism and police brutality in the United States. 

“I was in such a calm mood, but for “10 and 2, 10 and 2 what the fuck a nigga supposed to do” to come up really indicates that regardless of the mood I’m in, I always have to be aware when police are around.” 

NanaBcool dissects this feeling in the track, rapping and singing about his need to make a difference and start a revolution with his music. Chicago rapper Elton Aura’s verse on the track is political and loaded with a rhyming critique of white supremacy and the ruthless murder of black bodies in America. Still, both artists reiterate the “black magic” they were born with and their desire to keep the revolution going. 

The sound is a mixture of R&B and soul with flashes of hip-hop and rap. The glistening keys over the hook and the hard-hitting beat make this track super catchy. But don’t let the upbeat production Hurricane fool you, the lyrics  still hold a powerful message worth lending your ear to. 

posted by Lora
February 2021