Naptunes is a cool new instrumental duo that's giving the instrumental scene a breath of fresh air. Made up of the Grammy-nominated multi-platinum beatmaker Shuko, and the emerging lofi producer Ornithology PKA SCayos, their new joint project represents the heart and soul of music for these two talented artists. Their debut Naptunes EP was dropped on September 15, and the spotlight shines brightly on the track "Greened Out".

The whole idea in here is that Shuko and Ornithology are trading places – one's on instruments, the other's on production – and they're serving up a bunch of chilled-out lofi beats. Think jazzy, think boom-bap, think always smooth. They're drawing inspiration from legends like J Dilla and Pharrell, and you can definitely feel those vibes in "Greened Out" and each one of the other instrumentals.

"With energetic drums and a soulful piano sample, this groovy song properly debuts our self-titled EP.", shares the duo.

With their debut EP out now and another one called Sleepwalking in the pipeline, Naptunes is starting to feel like a dynamic duo. Their love for music and their skill in crafting beats transport us to the golden era of hip hop, with a glimpse of the future.

Stream the full EP below.

posted by Boris
September 2023