I love it when it's hard to pinpoint a song to a genre.

"Ghost" by the Toronto producer/multi-instrumentalist Ethan Mark (whose "Sisyphus" we released last year) & Jordanian singer Nawal is a meticulous blend of bossa nova, soul & jazz that's undoubtedly going to stick to your head.

The "diss" track (although it sounds rather soft & warm) explores the topic of ghosting in an empowering way. "It’s both specific and universal – about the toxic, demeaning, and dismissive boys who’d rather ghost than be truthful", Ethan shares. It features bi-lingual (English/Arabic) lyrics, honey vocals, plus a delightful guitar groove, bossa drums, and majestic sax towards the end.

Nawal adds, "This track is more than just a melody to me; it delves into the haunting theme of ghosting, alongside the chilling realization that someone you once knew now feels like a stranger, a ghost of their former self. The song’s intricate blend of Arabic and English doesn’t just cross language barriers; it encapsulates the essence of conversations I cherish with my friends."

Stream/buy this beauty here.

posted by Nasko
5 weeks ago