No matter how much I force myself, there is no possibility for me to become a computer games geek, so I never even bother. How stupid of me, really. It turns out that many of those games have exclusive soundtracks from our supreme indie bands.

Have you heard of GTA? My cat has not either! However, the creators of the fifth part of this game are the ones to praise for paying money to Neon Indian to create another bliss for mornings! "Change of Coast" is a playful track, which will make your skeleton bounce like Dutch tourists on Albanian highways.

This song makes me really happy, honestly. Happy, as if I’m living in the end of 80’s and don’t even give two thoughts about how many people like my facebook status.

There are more about this GTA5 album. How about new Yeasayer, Toro y Moi, The Chain Gang of 1974, Twin Shadow and stuff…

posted by Ivo
October 2013