808s, dark late-night energy, and vocals to die for. Enter the eerie world of Nick Andre and Joyo Velarde's "I Don't Wanna". A 3-minute long delight is a battlefield where Andre's bass-heavy electronica and trap-influenced beats clash beautifully with Joyo's heartfelt & deep vocals.

"I Don't Wanna" is the third single from their upcoming EP titled Fever Dream scheduled for release on February 9th via Bastard Jazz Records. The song is built to mirror an internal dialogue where Velarde articulates her contemplation on embracing and rejecting the relentless "hustle culture" that can exact a toll on one's mental health and overall well-being.

sometimes, it’s “not today”
sometimes, you simply cannot
sometimes, there is no willing

I have massive respect for both artists. San Francisco-based Nick Andre who is also co-founder of Slept On Records delivers a sound that's simply put massive. It can swallow you and spit you out. I couldn't think of a better partner in crime for this than Joyo Velarde. Fans of legendary Bay Area hip hop collective Quannum Projects (whose founders include DJ Shadow and Blackalicious), will certainly recognize her name.

Creativeness is pouring out of this one, but most importantly - it's that crippling feeling you get when listening to "I Don't Wanna" - nothing beats music that moves you.

posted by Ivo
last month