Been a fan of Nick Wolf (whom you might also know as the label head of the awesome Roadetrix Records) for quite some time and I'm super delighted that we get to release something together.

And this one is quite special because it's created together with sundaynightcoffee - the 100% non-profit project of a Denver-based producer & musician - all earnings get donated once a year to a cause of his choice.

"Sleepy Grove" is the kind of soothing lofi that goes perfectly with the sound of pouring coffee early in the morning & the chiming sounds of tranquil mountain surroundings.

After being friends for quite a while after connecting through mutual compilation albums, Nick and I hit it off quick and started making music together. For this beat, I wanted to add memorable melodies to the already solid foundation Nick brought to the table. He makes it too easy for me to just sit down and start improvising (noodling as I call idea sessions) until I find ideas that I really like and building off that inspiration and momentum. - sundaynightcoffee

We set out to portray a tranquil and soothing environment, which started with me creating a peaceful atmosphere, and laying down some pleasant chords. Shaun’s work on the guitar really ties everything together, and as per usual we included some great Foley and “found sounds” from our spaces in Baltimore and Colorado respectively. - Nick Wolf

Find "Sleepy Grove" on your fav platform here.

posted by Nasko
July 2022