For the past few months, notable French producer NICOLAS has been gradually unveiling a different side to his artistry, and this has culminated in the release of the new EP EMOTIONS WE TELL OURSELVES IT IS NOT OK TO FEEL via Headroom Records.

NICOLAS is only in his early 20's, and he's already recognized by respected outlets such as Complex, Evening Standard, Metal Mag, and BBC1. At the heart of his EP is "The Promise", a track where the drums erupt into the mix, and the mood is defined by the repetition of these eerie vocals. In the midsection, the track veers in a trippy direction when the bright lead makes its presence felt over airy pads.

"His new EP invites listeners to explore complex emotions and find strength in vulnerability, offering a sense of clarity and hope in an uncertain world. "The Promise" is a single that reflects on the state of our planet and the urgent need for meaningful action," they shared.

posted by Lu
May 2023