A mid-point between dream state and reality. Nix Northwest wanted to bring that out with his latest single "Sun In My Eyes," where his ethereal vocals meet a self-produced 00s hip hop instrumental.

"I feel like I’m a person of extremes - I can be very serious, hardworking, and driven but also know how to get silly and loose, and not take myself too seriously. I wanted this tune to try and encapsulate that contrast a little, I think. A lot of my music - and this album in particular - tackles some deep topics, but I wanted to show that I can also have a light-hearted side!" the London rapper shares, while the music video runs before our eyes with the fictional, alter ego Xin (portrayed by Nix) as the main character.

"Sun In My Eyes" lightens up my mood as part of the Northwest's upcoming debut album Xin’s Disappearance - one of the foundations for his growing legacy and I can not wait to hear where else he can take us.

posted by Krisi
January 2023