My features today are all about being blissful. I wish I could show you the bizarrely beautiful reflection of the morning sun on the clouds right now.

London-based producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Noé Solange explores self-discovery and growth in her latest electronica-driven downtempo release "Bloom", which I'm excited to showcase today. Very strong Bonobo vibes on this one.

The single comes as a follow-up to her gorgeous 2020 release Bound which gained quite the attention with one of the tracks "Nocturnal Lady" raking up more than 1.5M streams.

Today's reason to love music - "Bloom", has been produced by Noé between London and Indonesia. The composition is engraved with influences from her heritage and cross-continent upbringing. Something one could easily pick up if truly submerging to the sound. A rhythmic backdrop of hypnotic synths, organic ambiences and Yangqin strings that traverse throughout, she fully encapsulates the beauty and flow of nature. Woven atop are infectious drums played by Jose Manuel Cubides Gutierrez that propels the track forward with a sense of hope.  

To encapsulate the textually rich "Bloom" with the use of words would be just impossible. For me, the track is an experience, both emotional, sonic and somehow visual. Play this on your next walk and let your imagination flourish.

“How we too, much like flora, have our own individual journeys of growth and healing, as we take the time to blossom into our own unique self”, shares Noé.

posted by Ivo
October 2022