If you've found yourself being overwhelmed by the workday or everything that's going on around you, this is for you.

The perfect way to unwind is called "Rise" and is courtesy of someone familiar to the Stereofox audience - London singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Noé Solange. She just unveiled her new EP Rise, a project about self-discovery, change & growth, and the title track will leave you speechless.

Floating mainly in the electronic realm, "Rise" also takes inspiration from ambient/cinematic music, nature sound design and fairytale-like vocals. Noé explains, “Just like in nature, we have our own unique journeys of growth and I wanted each track to reflect a specific stage in this transformation – the gradual rise into bloom, navigating through moments of wilting before blossoming into newer versions of ourselves. It’s a constant cycle with each stage holding its own inherent beauty”

Make sure to dive into the full project, it's a marvelous journey.

Noé Solange · Rise
posted by Nasko
February 2024