Travel lovers, be still because “85km/h” by Benjamin Noti (aka NOTI), immediately triggered my travel bug itch. Thankfully, it’s also time on Friday night when I usually pack my hiking backpack for a weekend of adventures. Naturally, I played “85km/h” on repeat.

This downtempo, chillhop, glitch track is the Basel-based producer and musician's debut single of a 5-song EP. 

Noti’s diverse influences, unified by his distinct, original style, shine through on lead single “85km/h”; an ode to poised motion, the track pulsates, subtly speeds up and slows down but remains ultimately unstoppable - much like the artist himself. 

“85km/h” is indeed worthy of a road trip soundtrack - playful guitar, rhythmic beat, and an overall sense of incessant vastness. And this is the moment when I put everything down, closed my eyes and gave into the fantasy of my dream road trip somewhere far away where mountains meet oceans and jungles turn into deserts. 

posted by Hristina
August 2020