I've never been too much into indie pop but every now & then, there's a song that makes me reconsider the genre.

Noy Markel, whose "Sometimes" absolutely blew me away, is back with her 3rd single off her upcoming project, co-written with Tim Atlas. "Bad Conversations" takes a more upbeat turn with indie pop notes as opposed to her more r&b/neo-soul songs. It's still with her signature warmth & gentle melancholy though, so I'm sure you'll love it.

She elaborates, "Out of all the songs I’ve released so far, this one has a special place in my heart. It’s one of those songs that after you finish writing it, you feel this overwhelming sense of calmness crash down on you. You feel all these dormant emotions rush to the surface and reveal themselves through the words, melodies, and energy of the song. You feel grounded."

There's also a delightful music video that goes perfectly with the song:

posted by Nasko
September 2023