I am headed to the Bulgarian mountains with some friends andhe new n u a g e s track couldn't have come at a better place as I am sure I'll try to steal some alone time at night just chilling and appreciating the clear skies.

I had the pleasure of talking to the UK producer and listen to a few versions of it as he was developing the end concept. When it comes to the story and story building, he shared with me...

I started off creating an ambient piece based on the loop you hear at the beginning, but wanted to introduce an unexpected heavier section, the bit at the end is a loop i developed years ago and just seemed to fit with a subtle tempo change :)

"places" is a beautifully lonesome, yet warm reason to hit pause on the world for a sew seconds. If you like this kind of music, definitely stop by our Ambient Space playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.

posted by Ivo
September 2020