Friday 6 AM - coffee, the world's still asleep and I'm vibing to the perfect fusion of funk, soul, jazz, and afro beats. Nubiyan Twist delivers an unforgettable experience with their dynamic 10-piece live show, boasting a 4-piece horn section, vocalists, electronics, and an international rhythm section hailing from Brazil and the UK.

While this is the first time I'm covering Nubiyan Twist, I've been keeping an eye on the London-based musical collective for some time. "All The Same", released via Strut Records, is one of those tracks that will sweep you up and leave you with all the tools you need to feel amazing. Groovy, dynamic, emotional - everyone involved is a magician when it comes to creating a sonic experience.

"It’s always a joy collaborating with Ria, who mesmerized audiences as our lead vocalist during our last album tour. The harmonious blend of her vocals with our very own Nick Richards creates a captivating experience. The song seamlessly merges broken beat, R&B, and UK jazz influences, crafting a narrative that delves into the yearning for transparency and a renewed sense of identity.", the band shares on Instagram.

"All The Same" comes a bit more than a month after the first single from their upcoming LP Find Your Flame (May 3rd) - "Lights Out" featuring the one and only Nile Rodgers.

posted by Ivo
March 2024