Hamburg-based artist and producer NYÄE NYAE joins forces with USA songstress Soria for the sonic musical experience, titled "Bliss". A track where downtempo meets chill electronica with a pinch flavor of pop, which for me is the salt and pepper of the production.

The dreamy soundscapes perfectly blend with the downtempo beat which grabs the listener's attention from the first second and dives him into the soothing arrangement. All the elements build-ups to a powerful climax that leaves listeners with a sense of hope that there may be "bliss" on the other side of heartache.

"The hauntingly beautiful lyrics describe the longing to be with someone who feels to be the one that got away." shares also NYÄE NYAE

"Bliss" is for anyone who is into the music of Bonobo, Four Tet, Mild Minds or The XX.

posted by Boris
March 2023