Based on my Internet interactions with nymano, he seems like the loveliest people out there, and of course hella producer. It's been a year since we featured the French producer and multi-instrumentalist, but now he's back with something truly special.

Today we're celebrating his new full-length album Mirage which got released this week (you can stream the full album below). I've heard the album 2 times now and wanted to share with you "Train Ride" featuring Philanthrope. If you're feeling the mellowness of the season change, then this beat is the perfect soundtrack for you. The Berlin weather fits this perfectly.

...feeling lost


nowhere to go

I just...

The 12 track release features other talented familiar faces like j'san, Pandrezz, Ouska and sadtoi... to name a few. Support / get your vinyl from via Chillhop Records here.

Chillhop Music · Nymano - Mirage [full album]
posted by Ivo
October 2020