For me, the Christmas holidays have always been about granting yourself what you need the most. Whether that's staying at home with family or going out and wild with friends, as long as these 2 weeks end up in feeling better, I'm game. 26th is me doing nothing, listening to vinyls, and watching series... and a few occasional features because that really relaxes me.

I want to share with you one of the most intimate and captivating chill beats. The stuff I usually find tend to be purely relaxing, but this one feels deeper and slightly melancholic.

nz is a US producer whose location is "probably in my bedroom making weird sounds", will take you on a rather mellow journey.

nz shares, "I tracked, and played everything in this song using my fender strat, fender squire jazz bass, felt piano, my 5$ shakers from guitar center they have a frowny face on them so they are the mood setter obviously, and then I tracked some random foley sounds like tissue boxes being smacked, and clicking a pen, and hitting drum sticks together."

posted by Ivo
December 2021