Over the weekend I granted myself a beautiful experience - to be fully submerged in the energy of a record. No distractions, no overthinking or analysis. Just pure listenership.

Odd Holiday's brand new record L.I.S.A (read our full review here) is an homage to jazz, soul, and classic hip hop. An album that fearlessly explores the frontiers of hip-hop while honoring its timeless traditions of clever wordplay and captivating production. The duo consists of 2 people we've been closely following for a while now - North Carolina-born rapper/producer Mattic and London producer Daylight Robbery! who are also part of the Clouds in a Headlock collective.

For today's spotlight, I chose the cinematic vintage beauty "Free Folk" and its accompanying official music video. The imagery serves as a perfect representation of L.I.S.A. (Life is strangely altering) - a trip in time.

posted by Ivo
May 2023